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The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

Prior to opening Woods Law, LLC or even becoming an attorney, I was in a position that most personal injury attorneys never find themselves. Due to the negligence of multiple parties, I sustained catastrophic injuries as a teenager. As a result of the incident, I suffered both physical and psychological injuries that impacted me for several years. Moreover, that incident taught me the difficulties encountered when attempting to resolve these matters with insurance companies and the value of a having knowledgeable and diligent legal representation when pursuing personal injury cases.


Practice Areas


A study by the Insurance Information Institutes showed that as the economy improves, Americans drive more miles.


Most injuries and deaths in large truck crashes are to the occupants of passenger vehicles. This is primarily due to the fact that trucks…


Motorcyclists and their passengers are far more vulnerable to the hazards of the weather and road conditions than drivers…


Injury from dog bites is an demonstrated health concern in the United States and Georgia that generally injures children…


Traumatic brain injury refers to an acquired injury to the brain usually caused by a violent blow or jolt to the head or body. 


Based on a study by the United States Department of Labor, there were 99,300 workplace injuries and illnesses reported in Georgia in 2016.

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"Mr. Woods was very helpful in my time of need. He is professional and on time for each appointment. He kept me updated on the case and worked on getting me what I deserved for my pain and suffering, He is honest about what he can and can not do. I truly appreciated his honesty. I would highly recommend him."

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"I Hired Mr. Corey DuWayne Woods, to handle a case against Traveler Car Insurance Company. One of their insured rear-ended me and large damages was done to my car, wouldn't give me my depreciating value because of the damages. Mr. Corey handle it and because he couldn't get but a certain amount for me, he reduced his fee so I would have more. Fast results. He kept me informed about what was happening. Respectful and very friendly."

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Shantonia W

"I love Mr Woods as my attorney. He (Mr Woods) was very attentive and responsive. He(Mr Woods) always kept me updated every step of the way. If I could not come to him Mr Woods would come to me in a timely manner. I recommend Mr Woods to all my friends and family members because I know he’ll get it done and get you everything you deserve."

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Harold H

"Very thorough and thoughtful in pursuing a quality resolution for his client. Very thorough and attentive and will get you the best settlement possible. Thanks again Corey!! You're definitely my go to representation for any personal injury claim situation! They are professional and very responsive."

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Delane J

"He is a wonderful and attentive attorney. He was always available when I had any questions."